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Healthy Bones~Better Life

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Healthy bones, better life

An osteoporosis prevention workshop

with Kelli Biehle

April 27, 1-3:30

As we age, our bones become more brittle and we lose muscle. But we can slow that down - and even reverse some of those effects - with yoga. Join Kelli to learn how to use yoga postures to strengthen your bones, build muscle, and improve posture and balance.

In this workshop, we will

Discuss the definitions and effects of osteoporosis and frailty syndrome
Examine the science behind how yoga acts as preventative medicine
Learn two sequences of yoga postures you can do at home to build bone and muscle strength
Learn how to adapt postures in any class to build bone and muscle strength

This workshop is for you if you are

Concerned about having to go on medication to prevent osteoporosis
Worried about falling and breaking a bone as you get older
Looking to maintain your mobility as long as possible